What Is the Purpose of an Intersection Camera in an Accident?

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intersection camera recording

If you got involved in a car accident due to seemingly no fault of your own, then you may want to fight for financial compensation in an accident claim. As the plaintiff of such a claim, you carry a burden of proof that requires you to demonstrate the fault of the defendant through a sufficient amount of evidence. One piece of evidence that may prove pivotal is an intersection camera recording. Continue reading to learn the purpose of an intersection camera and how an experienced Tampa car accident lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A. can help you present it as evidence in your claim.

What is the function of an intersection camera and how might it help my accident claim?

The primary function of an intersection camera is to capture recordings of drivers who commit traffic violations (i.e., running a red light, making an illegal turn, etc). In turn, these negligent drivers may have the appropriate traffic tickets sent to them. Although, an intersection camera may also function to support your accident claim. This is because it may serve as physical evidence that the other driver involved in your accident was driving recklessly or carelessly in the moments leading up to your collision. Ultimately, it may allow the court the conclude that the other driver was at fault for your collision.

How do I obtain a copy of this recording?

Upon gathering evidence for your accident claim, you must be aware that retrieving intersection camera footage is likely one of the more difficult tasks. Usually, obtaining a copy of this recording requires the legal assistance of a seasoned lawyer. This is because your local municipality is likely going to ask for a subpoena or another form of official request before handing it over. Also worth mentioning, most municipalities throughout the state of Florida only hold such recordings for 30 to 90 days. This is all to say that it is wise to ask for legal assistance before the recording of your accident gets permanently deleted or overwritten.

In the meantime, you may make efforts toward obtaining other footage of your accident. For example, eyewitnesses may have filmed or photographed your accident and its aftermath. Or, surveillance cameras from neighboring residences or commercial buildings may have captured the same. Lastly, you may have a dash cam installed in your vehicle. Again, it is important that you save this recording before the SD card storage runs out and it automatically deletes it.

You must not wait too long to retain the services of a skilled Tampa auto accident lawyer. This is especially true since the statute of limitations for your claim is generally two years from the date of your accident. So please call Merricks Law Group, P.A. at your earliest possible convenience.

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