Working with Merricks Law Group was wonderful. They were extremely professional and kind. I just walked in a week after a car accident and they took care of everything. They keep you informed through the entire process and call you as soon as they have any information for you. Would highly recommend them!

- Melinda N.

I was recently injured in an accident. After searching for attorneys in my area I found my way to Merrick's law group. Attorney Derek and attorney Todd Hanks were very quick to respond to my claim. Within just a couple weeks I was already set up with doctor's appointments and on my way to recovery. I could not say enough great things about everybody at Merrick's law group. Derek and attorney Todd Hanks were always prompt, professional, and very courteous and kind. They always put my needs first and made sure I was taken care of at all times. Should the need ever arise again I know where I will be going.

- Tiffany C.

From beginning to end my husband and I had a wonderful experience! The whole staff is amazing and always helpful!!! Special thanks to Tod & Derek for making us feel welcomed and always striving to put a smile on our faces!!!

- Holly C.

Driving down from New York to Florida was supposed to be a fun time but I got in an accident once I arrived in Florida. It was very upsetting but I happened to make the best decision I could have by contacting Merricks Law Group! They worked with me and my sister and while my sister was more involved with them I wasn't as into it as I thought it was too much work and frankly I was lazy. They never gave up on me though! I am very grateful and pleased with the outcome. Thank you to these dedicated workers.

- Larisa L.

Great lawyers to work with. They will go to work for you and be the best lawyers you can get. They keep you informed and meet you on your schedule.

- Jeffrey P.

Absolutely the best! They continue to give you updates on your case and then explain the "why," which is very important to people like me because this is not my line of work. From the moment I contacted Merricks Law Group, I had no worries.

- Ty M.

We have had the BEST experience with Merricks Law Group! They go above and beyond for their clients both past and present. They truly care! To say the case turned out well is an understatement, it was resolved amazingly. The whole process was so pleasant and the staff was so kind and friendly. We received a wonderful mug when we were in the office and my husband adored this mug until I accidentally broke it. I immediately called the Merricks office to ask if I could possibly buy one from them to replace it. To mine and my family’s complete shock and delighted astonishment, John drove up this morning and personally dropped off a box containing 4 brand new mugs, pens, letter openers and a charger adapter for the car. Never in my life have I had a company of any kind do something amazing like that. He took time out of his day to make sure that those mugs got to us safely! Thank you John and Merricks Law group for truly caring about your clients! You’ve got our business!

- Mollie P.

Very responsive. I called the “Ask Gary” hotline and was immediately contacted within minutes. I had a lot of questions and the staff was very helpful with all of my concerns. By the end of the case, they knew me by my first name because I called so much wanting to no more, but they kept it professional and pleasant. I’m definitely thankful. A tremendous thanks to the staff for all of your help and hard work. You’re much appreciated.

- D.V.

I just wanted to take the time to recommend the Merricks Law Group. I hired them to represent me in an auto injury case. Mr. Todd Hingson was so caring and knowledgeable of the process. He explained what I should expect and kept me informed of the progress in the case. He was able to get my case settled in about 6 months. I was very pleased with my settlement. If you are wondering if this office can help you wonder no more. They know what they are doing and the whole staff is caring and responsive.

- Robert G.

I hired them for an accident involving a motorcycle. They were very professional they met me where it was convenient for me. While helping me with that accident I was the victim of another accident. While I was out of work I was worried and stressed and in a lot of pain. Derek called me at least once a week to update me and check on me and my family. I appreciate what this law firm has done for me and my family in our time of need. And I recommend this law firm to anyone. They not only get results they really care.

- Jiselle H.

Todd, thank you for all your help and responsiveness. I got the call this morning that everyone waits for....your check is ready! Not only that but the best news is they were able to get my 175,000 dollar bill waived from the hospital which exceeded my payout tremendously. I can't thank them enough, although this doesn't replace the life that was lost in that tragic accident my boyfriend Micheal Gahley it helps in a time that you're left with nothing and need a little help...I couldn't have waived that 175,000 dollar hospital bill without Merricks Law Group...Thank you Todd and anyone involved.

- Kerri O.

Mr. Hingson is amazing. Merricks Law Group changed my life.

- Client

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