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Tampa Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Nearly every establishment has a parking lot, including supermarkets, airports, department stores, restaurants, and so on. For this reason, we seldom worry about sustaining a serious injury in a parking lot accident, however, these accidents do happen.

If you’ve been injured in one, you should retain the services of a knowledgeable Tampa parking lot accident lawyer as soon as you can. We understand the burdens that you and your family may now face after sustaining an injury in such an accident, and we are ready to help. Contact Merricks Law Group to learn more about what our legal team can do for you.

Do I Need a Tampa Parking Lot Accident Lawyer?

When someone is injured in a parking lot accident, they need a legal team that has what it takes to effectively fight for financial compensation on their behalf. Our Florida personal injury lawyer has assisted slip and fall accident victims for over 30 years, and he has the knowledge and experience needed to do the same for you.

Types of Parking Lot Accidents

As you can imagine, several factors can lead to serious parking lot accidents. At times, these accidents can occur between two cars, or between one car and a pedestrian, but often, they happen in the form of slip and fall accidents as a result of unsafe parking lot conditions. Some of the most common causes of slip and fall parking lot accidents are as follows:

  • Uneven pavement, such as potholes
  • Loose debris in the parking lot
  • Inadequate security allowing crimes or other illicit activity to occur
  • Standing water
  • Slippery liquids
  • Insufficient lighting, preventing pedestrians from seeing certain safety hazards

Proving Your Claim

When someone is injured in a parking lot accident, they will have to fulfill the burden of proof in order to win their personal injury claim. Simply put, this means that they are required, by law, to prove that they were injured as a direct result of another party’s negligence.

This can be quite complicated, which is why you should strongly consider hiring a knowledgeable Tampa parking lot accident lawyer who can obtain various types of evidence to prove your claim, including:

  • security camera footage of your accident;
  • pictures of the unsafe conditions that caused your accident;
  • medical documents;
  • a copy of the police report filed at the scene of your accident;
  • witness testimony, and more.

Recovering Compensation After a Parking Lot Accident

When an individual wins a personal injury claim, that person is entitled to monetary compensation that helps offset some of the various physical, financial, and emotional burdens they’ve incurred as a result of their accident. The compensation we recover can help cover the cost of your lost wages, hospital bills, pain and suffering, and more.

Contact Our Tampa Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a parking lot accident, it is critical that you hire an attorney who truly cares about your right to a speedy recovery. Here at Merricks Law Group, your recovery is our number one priority. Contact our firm to schedule your free initial consultation today.

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