What Future Medical Expenses Should I Claim?

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After being made a victim of a personal injury accident, you may seek financial compensation via legal action. You should not only claim the amount of damages you incurred from your current medical expenses but also that of your future medical expenses. Continue reading to learn what future medical expenses to claim in your legal action and how an experienced Hillsborough County personal injury lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A. can help you calculate this.

What are common future medical expenses to claim in my legal action?

Your health insurance policy may cover a portion of your medical expenses. But if you require long-term care, these bills may add up to a significant lump sum. With that being said, you may want to consider claiming the following future medical expenses in your legal action:

  • The cost of your recurrent, future lab tests.
  • The cost of your recurrent, future surgical procedures.
  • The cost of your recurrent, future physical therapy and occupational therapy.
  • The cost of your recurrent, future psychological treatments.
  • The cost of your recurrent, future emergency room and hospital visits.
  • The cost of your recurrent, future prescription medications.
  • The cost of your recurrent, future doctor’s appointments.

But you may need to reflect further on what medical assistance you may require in the future if your accident has left you with life-altering or life-threatening injuries. Just as an example, say that you are now handicapped.

Well, for one, you may need to acquire medical assistive devices, such as a wheelchair, assist lifts, etc. You may also require the services of a contractor or handyman to remodel your home; that is, you may need a handicap ramp and stairlift installed, your counters to be lowered, etc. You must not forget about hiring in-home nursing services, in addition to domestic services to cook, clean, etc. on your behalf. All the while, you may need to call on a transportation service to transport you to and from your recurrent doctor’s appointments. Undoubtedly, all of these elements are going to total up to a hefty medical bill.

What formula do I use to calculate this future cost?

The short answer is that there is no simple formula for calculating the cost of your future medical expenses, as every case is unique. This is why it may be in your best interest to hire a medical expert who can work on your behalf to assess your health condition, make an educated approximation of your future damages, and testify in your claim proceedings.

If legal action is something that you wish to pursue today, then you must retain the services of a skilled Hillsborough County personal injury lawyer from Merricks Law Group, P.A. We await sitting down with you at your initial consultation.

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