What Are 18-Wheeler Accidents in Florida?

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Like any other auto accident, 18-wheeler accidents are commonly caused by driving while intoxicated, driving while fatigued, distracted driving, reckless driving, and overall, negligent driving. But the injuries and damages after an 18-wheeler accident are far more detrimental than any other accident due to their sheer size and weight. So if you find yourself a victim of one, read on to discover how a seasoned Tampa truck accident lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A., can help you in filing a personal injury claim.

What are the different types of 18-wheeler accidents in the state of Florida?

There are different ways in which an 18-wheeler accident may occur. Their commonality is that they all have the potential of being fatal. They are as follows:

  • Rollover accident: this type of accident is when a truck driver makes a turn too sharply, has an unevenly-loaded tailor, drives through severe weather conditions, or drives through severe road conditions.
  • Jackknife accident: this type of accident is when a truck driver brakes too fast and its trailer swings and swipes a neighboring automobile.
  • Underride accident: this type of accident is when a neighboring motorist rear-ends an 18-wheeler and gets stuck underneath its trailer.
  • Head-on collision: this type of accident is when a truck driver is driving in the wrong direction or on the wrong side of the road and hits a neighboring motor vehicle.
  • Rear-end accident: this type of accident is when a truck driver negligently crashes into the back of a neighboring vehicle.

What evidence do I need for my 18-wheeler accident claim?

There is no doubt that if you were involved in an 18-wheeler accident due to no fault of your own, then you deserve financial compensation to recover your injuries and damages. That is, a personal injury claim is necessary. And with a claim, sufficient evidence is necessary. Nevertheless, you must follow the below steps immediately after your accident:

  1. Call the police: once on the scene, the police will call for an ambulance and conduct a police report. Make sure to get a copy of this police report.
  2. Record the scene: take photos and videos of your injuries, your automobile damages, and any contributory hazards that had a hand in your accident. Make sure that you get photos and videos from present witnesses.
  3. Gather contact information: ask that the truck driver share their name, phone number, commercial driver’s license number, employer’s name, etc. Make sure that you collect the contact information of the present witnesses.
  4. Go to medical treatment: go to the ambulance on the scene, go to the hospital afterward, and schedule follow-up appointments with your physician. Make sure that you get copies of your medical documents and medical bills.
  5. Employ a competent Tampa auto accident lawyer: make sure that you ask for our help with obtaining surveillance camera footage of your accident. Nevertheless, call us as soon as you can.

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