How Do I Assess if I Have a Concussion After My Car Accident?

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Head injuries, such as concussions, are fairly common injuries resulting from the impact of car collisions. Read on to discover how to self-assess whether you have a concussion and how a seasoned Tampa car accident lawyer at Merricks Law Group, P.A. can help you obtain a proper diagnosis.

How do I self-assess whether I have a concussion after my car accident?

You may have walked away from the scene of your car accident assuming that you were left uninjured. However, in the following days, you may not feel right. This is very possible, as sometimes injuries, especially head injuries, do not immediately surface. Therefore, to self-assess whether you have been left concussed, you may want to go through its symptom checklist. Meaning, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I been feeling fatigued even when sleeping more than usual?
  • Have I had lingering feelings of nausea or an incessant need to vomit?
  • Have I been bothered with bright lights or loud noises more than usual?
  • Have I been experiencing headaches or pressure in my head more than usual?
  • Have I been experiencing unusual behaviors, such as mood swings and personality changes?
  • Have I been experiencing unusual balance problems, such as dizziness and bouts of faintness?

How do I obtain official medical proof of my diagnosis?

You must understand that a self-assessment of your concussion is not enough for your personal injury claim. That is, you carry a burden of proof as a plaintiff, which may only be fulfilled with official medical proof of your diagnosis.

For one, you may obtain testimony from the paramedics who responded to your accident. Such testimony may specifically reference the standardized assessment of concussion (SAC) test conducted at the scene. That is, the paramedics may argue that the SAC test results showed your lack of alertness/memory and balance/coordination, all of which point to your being concussed.

Secondly, you may obtain copies of your test results from the additional medical examinations that were run in the emergency room. For example, you may have undergone a CT scan or MRI scan that exhibits swelling, bruising, or bleeding in your brain. You may have even undergone a neuropsychological test that demonstrates your difficulty with cognition and memory; or a neurodiagnostic test that shows the weakness in the nerves that move your eyes.

Lastly, you may collect the bills that are associated with all this medical attention (i.e., ambulance bill, hospital stay bill, copays for follow-up visits, copays for prescription medications, etc). This significant expense, combined with the wages you are losing while healing from your concussion, may solidify your cause for seeking financial compensation through a personal injury claim.

Without a doubt, your next step should be to employ a competent Tampa auto accident lawyer. So please reach out to us at Merricks Law Group, P.A. immediately.

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