Am I Eligible to Sue for Daycare Negligence?

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As a parent, you most likely trust that when you drop your child off at daycare, they are safe and protected. That is why it is unacceptable for accidents to occur under the supervision of daycare staff. So in the unfortunate event that this occurs to your child, you must take immediate action in filing a premises liability claim. Follow along to find out how to sue for daycare negligence and how a proficient Hillsborough County personal injury lawyer of Merricks Law Group can help you explore all your possible legal options.

Why does daycare negligence commonly occur in the state of Florida?

Put simply, daycare negligence occurs when employers and staff fail to maintain their premises in a way that ensures the safety of your child. Common examples of how such negligence occurs read as follows:

  • The daycare employer or staff neglect to place potentially hazardous objects out of reach from your child:
    • Sharp objects that can cause cuts.
    • Small objects that can cause choking.
    • Cleaning products that can cause poisoning.
  • The daycare employer or staff neglect to preserve the playground equipment and toys:
    • The swings, slides, seesaws, etc., are left rusty.
    • The defective toys are not discarded.
  • The daycare employer or staff neglects to keep safe air, food, and water quality:
    • Asbestos or mold is present.
    • Your child’s food allergies are ignored.
    • Expired food is distributed.
    • Unclean drink water is distributed.
  • The daycare employer or staff neglect to maintain clean premises:
    • High-touch surfaces are not routinely cleaned.
    • Your child is not helped with handwashing or other hygiene measures.

Am I able to sue for daycare negligence in the state of Florida?

If your child is injured under the watch of daycare employers or staff, then you have a possible personal injury claim on your hands. For your claim, you must prove the following points as true:

  1. Your child was enrolled in the daycare, so the daycare employer or staff owed your child a duty of care.
  2. The daycare employer or staff breached their duty of care with negligence.
  3. Your child received an injury due to the daycare employer’s or staff’s negligence.

And to prove the above statements true, you must collect the following evidence:

  • Photos and videos of the scene of the accident, such as your child’s injuries, damages, and the contributing hazards.
  • A doctor’s note that states the date and time of the accident, along with the severity of your child’s injuries.
  • Any applicable medical bills that show the cost of your child’s necessary treatments.
  • Witness testimonies that recite the events of the accident.
  • Security camera footage that exhibits the accident occurring.

For help with grabbing these pieces of evidence, do not hesitate in employing a talented Tampa personal injury lawyer today.

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