Who Is At Fault for a Dangerous Sidewalk in Florida?

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Sidewalk slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries. And if you are facing the consequences of one, read on to see how a seasoned Tampa sidewalk accident lawyer can help you hold the at-fault party accountable for their dangerous sidewalk conditions.

Who is the at-fault party for a dangerous sidewalk?

In many cases, passersby are injured in sidewalk accidents as a result of property owners failing to ensure their sidewalks are safe. Some of the most common dangerous sidewalk conditions that lead to accidents are as follows:

  • Uncleared weather-related hazards, such as snow or ice.
  • Uncleared standing water.
  • Uncleared debris.
  • Surface issues.
  • Potholes.
  • Large cracks.
  • Uneven pavement.

How can I hold the at-fault party accountable for their dangerous sidewalk conditions?

You are likely able to receive compensation, and more importantly, hold the negligent property owner responsible through a premises liability claim. To do so, you must satisfy the burden of proof and take the following approach after your accident:

  1. Call 911: the police will call for an ambulance and write an accident report. You should ask for a copy of this report afterward.
  2. Capture the scene: take photos and videos of your injuries, damages, and hazards that caused your accident.
  3. Collect witness contact information: ask if they have any photos and videos and if they are willing to provide witness testimony.
  4. Seek medical treatment: get treated at the scene and applicable follow-up appointments. You should ask for a copy of all medical documentation and bills afterward.
  5. Contact our firm: reach out to a competent Tampa slip and fall lawyer. We can collect any remaining evidence, such as surveillance footage.

By retaining the above evidence for your claim, your attorney will be better able to prove that negligent acts directly caused your accident and injuries. That is, this will work to establish that the property owner knew of, or should have known of, the dangerous sidewalk conditions and failed to take action to resolve them.

What is the statute of limitations for premises liability claims in the state of Florida?

The state of Florida has an established deadline, also known as the statute of limitations, to file premises liability claims. Typically, this deadline is four years from the date of your accident. It is crucial to understand that if you miss this deadline, you will likely lose the opportunity to file your claim entirely, recover the compensation you deserve, and hold the negligent party accountable. That is why you need one of our attorneys on your side that can ensure that you meet all of your claims deadlines.

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