Reasons to Avoid Social Media Following an Accident

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If you have been injured in an accident and are looking to take legal action against the negligent party responsible for your injuries, it is recommended to avoid social media for the time being. To learn more about why it is best to stay off social media during this time, continue reading and contact our Hillsborough County personal injury lawyer.

How can posting on social media impact me?

Posting on social media after an accident can impact your claim negatively in many ways. Though you may not intend to, posting on social media may admit some fault if you chose to detail any of the events of your accident. You could also risk the loss of confidentiality if you chose to discuss anything online that you and your lawyer are meant to remain confidential. Simply posting that you are doing well after an accident might tip the defense lawyer into taking your words for a fact. You may not be referencing your physical well-being in a post such as this. However, posting yourself in any physical way on social media may give the other party an argument against you by stating that you are exaggerating your pain.

Does this affect me if my social media is privatized?

Making your social media accounts private does not protect you during the claim process. Defense lawyers can still access your posts even if they are private. This includes access to the following as well:

  • Deleted posts
  • Personal messages
  • Any other personal information found on your accounts

What should I post?

It is best to avoid posting on social media altogether until the lawsuit is complete. This will avoid the other party attempting to access your social media as a way to prove that your injury is not as severe as you are claiming. It is in your best interest to sign out of your accounts altogether until the case is settled. This will mean that the other party will have zero access to any information following the incident. They will be unable to use your social media accounts in the case altogether. This is the goal.

For further assistance with your upcoming claim, do not hesitate to contact our experienced Hillsborough County personal injury lawyer. We would be happy to assist you in recovering the compensation you deserve. To schedule your initial consultation, give us a call.

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